Keys and Gray Charity Sportsman’s Dinner – 4th September 2015

The Baku Bears hosted Richard Keys and Andy Gray for their first Sportsman’s Dinner at the Hyatt Hotel in Baku.

Over 160 people attended an excellent evening with over 17,000 AZN being raised for Charity.

Monies raised will go to the clubs nominated Charities

IMG_629800 IMG_629900 IMG_630000 IMG_630500


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IMG_628300 IMG_628500 IMG_630100 IMG_633100 IMG_630300 IMG_630400 IMG_630600 IMG_630800 IMG_630900 IMG_631000 IMG_631100 IMG_631200 IMG_631300 IMG_631400 IMG_631600 IMG_631700 IMG_631800 IMG_631900 IMG_632000 IMG_632100 IMG_632200 IMG_632300 IMG_632400 IMG_632500 IMG_632600 IMG_632700 IMG_632800 IMG_632900 IMG_633000 IMG_636100 IMG_633200 IMG_633300 IMG_633400 IMG_633500 IMG_633600 IMG_633800 IMG_633900 IMG_634000 IMG_635000 IMG_634900 IMG_634800 IMG_634700 IMG_634600 IMG_634400 IMG_634300 IMG_634200 IMG_634100 IMG_635100 IMG_635200 IMG_635300 IMG_635400 IMG_635500 IMG_635600 IMG_635700 IMG_635800 IMG_635900 IMG_636800 IMG_636700 IMG_636600 IMG_636500 IMG_636400 IMG_636300 IMG_636200 IMG_637800 IMG_636000 IMG_636900 IMG_637000 IMG_637100 IMG_637200 IMG_637300 IMG_637500 IMG_637700 IMG_637900 IMG_638000

IMG_638100 IMG_638200 IMG_638500 IMG_638600 IMG_638700 IMG_638800 IMG_638900 IMG_639000 IMG_639100 IMG_639200 IMG_639300 IMG_639400 IMG_639500 IMG_639600 IMG_639700 IMG_639800 IMG_639900 IMG_640000 IMG_640100 IMG_640300 IMG_640400 IMG_640500 IMG_640600 IMG_640700 IMG_640800 IMG_641100 IMG_641200 IMG_641300 IMG_641500 IMG_641700 IMG_641800 IMG_641900 IMG_642100 IMG_642200 IMG_642300 IMG_642400 IMG_642500 IMG_642600 IMG_643700 IMG_643800 IMG_642700 IMG_642800 IMG_642900 IMG_643000 IMG_643100 IMG_643200 IMG_643300IMG_628800 IMG_629100 IMG_629200 IMG_629300

IMG_649500 IMG_651800 IMG_651700 IMG_651600 IMG_651400 IMG_651300 IMG_651100 IMG_651000 IMG_650900 IMG_650800 IMG_650500 IMG_650400 IMG_650300 IMG_650200 IMG_650100 IMG_650000 IMG_649900 IMG_649800 IMG_653400 IMG_649600

IMG_653000 IMG_653100 IMG_653300 IMG_634500 IMG_631500 IMG_637400 IMG_649400 IMG_647100 IMG_644800 IMG_644500

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