2012 Poppy Charity Drive

Poppy Auction bidders raise eight times more than last year


The Clansman Poppy Auction 2012 was always aimed at beating last year’s total of 1000 AZN, but the generosity of bidders and those making donations absolutely smashed that, raising a huge figure of 8000 AZN for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Fund.

Due to some very generous donations from individuals and auctioned items in the Clansman during football matches, organiser, Hugh Cochrane, reported that they had already raised 2011′s amount when the auction began; but that was just the beginning.

On Saturday 10 November, following the football game and prior to live music starting, bids began to fly for poppy clothing including rugby shirts, jackets, a beanie, tie (pictured) and more, raising the total higher and higher, with additional Poppy Scotland items sold including key rings and badges. After closing donations at the end of the weekend, Hugh was delighted to count the total sum of 8000 AZN.

In response, Hugh sends out his appreciation: “A great thanks from myself to those who donated to this splendid show of patriotism: personal donations for auction from the Clansman, Poppy Scotland, Clark McDonald, Colin Gunn, Ronnie Stewart, Kenny Makin and Ewen Bickerton. Many thanks to the lucky bidders – too many to mention, but they know who they are – their generosity is most appreciated, and to the lads from the Fountain Bar for their excellent donation.”

Lest We Forget

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