Baku Bears Update 1st December 17

1 Dec

Hello hello
Thankfully we managed to get a comprehensive victory on Wednesday night against the sheep at Ibrox to take away the pain of the previous 2 defeats though when you look at the league table what a difference winning those 2 games would have made. There was no self combusting Mutton heading back up the A96 on Wednesday night !!!

Anyway it’s the return fixture this Sunday as we travel up to Sheep City to play Abaaaaa deen. Game kicks aff at 4.30pm Baku Time. Remember this is a free swally day for members. Drinks downstairs will be free for members from an hour before the game till an hour after the game. Bear Pit will be strictly for members and their guests ( though the guests will have to pay).

The Rangers AGM was held yesterday and the below link will take you to the Chairmans statement

Wonder who the nugget was that asked King what school he went to !!!!

The Clansman will be having a wee celebration for St Andrews Day tomorrow ( Saturday) with Scottish music and videos, a real Scottish piper, Haggis Spring Rolls and Square Sausage Pakora and an extremely limited supply of single vodka with Irn Bru for 6 manat.

Don’t forget to let us know if you will be able to donate a prize for the Festive Raffle this year so we can start updating the prize list. Hopefully have tickets available next week.

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