Baku Bears Weekly Update 14th April 17

14 Apr

Hello hello
Last weeks game ended up being a right cracker against the Mutton Molesters, a magnificent 5 minutes saw us skelping 3 goals into the pokie ensuring that the Grampian Fire Brigade had a very quiet night as there were no reports of any sheep on fire !!!

This weekend’s game is at Home against Partick Thistle, kick off is 6pm Baku time and game will be shown via RTV in the Bear Pit.

The post break fixtures were announced yesterday and they are as follows
Sunday 22nd April – Scottish Cup semi-final against the unwashed 3pm kick off
Saturday 29th April – Home to unwashed again 3pm kick off
Sunday 7th May – Away to Partick Thistle 3.15pm kick off
Saturday 13th May – Home to Hearts 3.15pm kick off
Wednesday 17th May – Home to sheep 22.45pm kick off
Sunday 21st May – Away to St Johnstone 3.30pm kick off

Baku Bears RSC

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