Baku Bears Update 19th August 16

19 Aug

Hello hello
It was a hard fought encounter at Dens Park last weekend with the Gers holding on for a 2 – 1 win which took us to the top of the Premier league.
A big thanks to all the nutters who stayed back in the Bear Pit after the game where a selection of music was played, a right good laugh was had by all.
Was good to see former Vice President Shuggie returning for the weekend though he did look flabbergasted when he received his first ever bar bill in the Clansman !!!!!

This weekends game sees us playing Motherwell for the 2nd time this season. Game will be shown as always in the Bear Pit with a 6pm Baku time kick aff which will please a lot of the guys who haven’t been able to make the last couple of games due to early kick off and having unsympathetic bosses (Beattie !!!!).
Rumours abound that the Ladyboy loyal will be having auditions for the vacancy left by John Whyte’s departure, allegedly it involves pink shorts and ping pong balls !!!!

Rangers announced that they will be travelling over the water to play Linfield on the 3rd September for Jamie Mulgrews testimonial.

Yesterday saw the removal of the Puma logo from Rangers official website so maybe there is something about to change in regards our fitba strip deal with them.

There will be the first monthly members meeting in the Bear Pit on Tuesday 6th September at 7pm so hope to see as many there, it’s your club.

The new club polos and teeshirts will hopefully be available for sale tomorrow.


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