Baku Bears Update 14th July 2016

14 Jul

Hello hello
That’s the close season coming to a end.
We start our 2016/17 campaign with the League Cup this month which has changed to a league format for the opening round.
Our first games are :

Saturday 16th July away to Motherwell 6.00pm

Tuesday 19th July home to Annan Athletic 22.45pm

Friday 22nd July away to East Stirling 22.45pm

Monday 25th July home to Stranraer 22.45pm

All above time are Baku local.

This Saturdays game, away to Motherwell at 6pm local time, will be shown via RTV in the Bear Pit, Ali Still and Big Al will be opening the club for your enjoyment.

12th July 2016 will go down as one of the better days in history :

The Magic Hat and Sir Davie extended their contracts,

That apologist Colleymore being shown the door at Talksport

And not forgetting the Scottish champion football club being out played, out smarted and generally having the pish ripped right out of them by a team 4th, yes 4th bottom in UEFA rankings.

Am hearing the the Scottish champion fitba club have this evening appealed to UEFA as the Red Hillman Imp midfield player wasn’t registered by Corgi!!!.

Membership fees are now due for the coming season. Full membership is 150AZN with Overseas membership 75 AZN.

We will be registering the club at the Rangers Ticket Office this year so if anyone is looking for tickets ( MEMBERS ONLY) please let me know preferably 4 weeks in advance.

The club are presently in the process of getting shirts produced with the new logo and they should be on sale in the next couple of weeks, further details will follow.

Here’s to the start of our season back in the league where we belong, looking forward to seeing everyone again back in the Bear Pit.

We Are The People


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