Baku Bears Weekly Update 5th May 16

5 May

Hello Hello
That’s the league season done along with a gubbing of the unwashed so it’s only the Scottish Cup Final against the Spoonburners ( who were going to win a treble and cannae even win their first pay off game !!!) to be played.
The game is on Saturday 21st May with a 6pm kick off Baku time.
An extremely generous offer has been made by Les Tulleth and Graham Beattie to pick up the bar tab for the game ( they have stated an amount but if we get them pished enough they will have forgotten what it was !!!) so with that in mind the Bear Pit will be a MEMBERS ONLY event again. Many thanks Les and Graham.
The game will be shown up the stairs in the Clansman for non members.

As was mention a few weeks back Craig MacKinnon participated as captain of the home team at Ibrox on Tuesday night with proceeds going to the Field of Dreams Charity.
Below is brief Match report from Craig:
Wow Gents what a great night and experience !!!!. Game kicked off, and after 25 mins we were 3-0 down 11, After a slight and quick adjustment we went in at half time 3-3. Came out second half, and after a couple of quick classy goals, we ended up winning 8-5 at end of 90 mins.

Attached are a few photos of the presentation of the Baku Bears Cheque, players with the Baku Bears Flag in the dressing room and also some of Craig looking like he was in heaven.
Well done Craig you have done the Baku Bears proud though a wee birdie from inside Ibrox said to tell you not to give up your day job !!!!

Below is a wee song that I found on Youtube which is good for a wee bit of fun. Go to Youtube and search for Dean Chalmers we are the people/king of the road


One Response to “Baku Bears Weekly Update 5th May 16”

  1. George Stewart May 6, 2016 at 6:08 pm #

    Well done to Craig once again for being a great ambassador & doing a grand job representing The Baku Bears. Other kudos go to Les & Graeme for a terrific gesture re the bar bill on cup final day for our members, just have a fantastic day lads, I wish I was there to share it with you all.

    To Colin, Andy, SHUG & the rest of the committee I also would like to thank you for all the hard work you do making high powered decisions over a wee Swally at the committee meetings I know it’s not an easy task guys. ( I’m full of it ! ) I will be renewing my membership for next season as an overseas member just in case I need to come over and sort out any Doorman anomalies which I believe do arise from time to time In The absence of my Cast Iron Regimen Miss all the crack lads & really do wish I was there with you for the cup final .

    GTD 🐻

    Sent from my iPhone


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