Baku Bears Weekly Update 15th April

14 Apr

Hello Hello
Another successful game on Sunday saw us lift the Petrofac Cup. Over 48,000 were at Hampden for the ‘diddy’ cup game against Peterheid which was the highest attendance anywhere in Britain last weekend….yip the only show in town.

Trust that all the members enjoyed the free swally on Sunday
I have added a new page to the website with some photos from Sundays free swally.

At half time we drew out the 3 lucky people who requested tickets for this weekends game, winners were:
Derek Clarkson
Davie Hughes
Graham McKerron
Enjoy the game lads.

Next season we will be registering the club which will allow members to request tickets from Ibrox.

This weekends game, as if anyone didn’t know, is the Scottish Cup semi-final against the unwashed.
As already intimated this is a MEMBERS ONLY event in the Bear Pit. Game is on Sunday with a 3pm kick aff Baku Time and will be shown via RTV.

6 members of the Baku Bears (Graham Beattie, Ali Still, Les Tulleth, Steve Baker, Kenny Dawson & Billy Flint) will be playing golf on Sunday morning against the local Cel*ic supporters club.
Good luck guys and am sure you’ll give them a doing, might want to take a few bars of soap with you for when they end up in the water !!!!!!

The under 17’s UEFA Championship is being held in Baku next month. The initial draw has been made and Scotland are drawn with Azerbaijan, Portugal and Belgium in the group stage. As soon as we know further information regards dates and times of the matches we will let you know.

There are a few new members the last weeks who should be getting this mail. If you haven’t got this mail let me know by return !!!!


One Response to “Baku Bears Weekly Update 15th April”

  1. John S B Crawford April 14, 2016 at 1:36 pm #

    I see Big Craig managed a few and even managed to stay outa at least one photo…..LOL

    Some weel Kent faces…..say hello for me

    Brother John 320

    John S B Crawford on iPhone


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