Baku Bears Weekly Update 13th March 15

13 Mar

Hello Hello
Its been another whirlwind week with yet more changes at our club but still the same shite performance on the park.

Thanks for those members who turned up on Saturday to watch the dire game against Cowdenbeath, the only highlight was being told by a certain member what diseases you can catch from a camel, it’s amazing the facts stored by some people !!!!!

Tuesday evening the regular monthly members meeting was held with 10 people attending. As you’ll be aware from last weeks update , if you read it, we won various prizes in the RCF prize draw.
Anyway it was decided at the members meeting that 1 lucky paid up member will win the star prize of a weekend in New York with accomodation and flights paid for.
The draw for this will take place tomorrow ( Saturday 14th) at half time during the game against Livingston.

As mentioned above tomorrows game is at home against Livingston with a 7pm kick aff Baku time, come on down if even only to see the New York trip draw.

Tomorrow’s game marks the return of Grumpy George the doorman after being on leave so we will be able to watch the fitba whilst getting a running commentary on all sorts of pish. You have been pre-warned to maybe think of taking down a pair of earplugs.

A wee note for your diaries, the End of Season Party is tentively arranged for the 11th July, subject to venue booking.

Colin Gunn
Baku Bears RSC

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