Baku Bears End of Season Party – 54 and a bit titles and still going strong

14 Jun


Before our new season in Division 2 starts we have the small ‘problem’ of organising the traditional end of season party for end July/start of August.
The new committee met last week and from discussions it seems that previous venues are not available or even exist anymore.

To that end do any of you, the members, know of a suitable place that we can utilise for an afternoon/evening/morning of drinking, singing and usual antics.( MacDonalds is out due to Ronald McD imposing a lifetime ban on a certain member !!!!)
Ideally we would like somewhere with an outside area that we can sit/stand/fall over and is within easy transport from the city centre.
All suggestions welcomed and details of the event will be sent in due course

Colin Gunn
+994 55425 1372

Note new cell phone number above.

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